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Online Fashion Designing Courses By Industry Experts

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Online fashion designing courses

Long were the days of fax machines and telephone directories. Certainly, the invention of the internet has brought about a new era. Even dial-up modems have become antiques of the past. Life, as we know it, has vastly evolved in just a span of a few decades, from the age of slow internet to smartphones and virtual reality. Modern advancements in technology introduced a new concept of learning to the fashion education industry; online fashion designing courses.

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting our lives, the way we communicate, commute & consume knowledge has reached a new equilibrium. Globally, fashion institutions are now adopting online learning as part of their curriculum. The need for online learning solutions has evolved at a much quicker pace fueled by what everyone accepts as the ‘new normal’.

Looking ahead, online learning is certainly here to stay. The digital push has brought about new habits and expectations. The time savings, cost-efficiency and added accessibility are perks brought out by innovation. Just like how the first computer was adopted, online learning is no exception. 

Perks of learning fashion designing courses online

As fashion institutes scramble to deliver online courses, students too now have more options to choose from. Compared to the traditional confinements of classroom learning, online fashion designing courses add variety to how industry knowledge is imparted.  

Flexible Hours allows one to learn at their own pace

Working in the fashion industry can be demanding. This is true not just for new graduates entering the workforce but also for fashion designers in practice. The flexible hours that come with online learning means that even a busy fashion professional is able to upskill despite being committed to a full-time career. Whether your goal is to broaden your horizons in advanced apparel production drawing, fashion product design & development, or basic seaming and stitching, learning online can give you the flexibility to level up at your own pace. Regardless of whether you’re trying to start your own fashion brand or if you aspire to join the big names in fashion, polishing your skills is key in staying relevant.

With online learning comes to time and cost efficiencies

Traditionally taking a fashion course could be costly. The traditional route of enrolling in a fashion institute, travelling to classes and completing a full diploma can add up. Not just in the monetary sense but time as well. 

What if you are only seeking to improve your knowledge in a particular niche such as basic apparel production drawing? An advanced cert or diploma in a traditional fashion institute would not add up, given the time commitment and costs that come along with such an endeavour. Surely having a full diploma would help, however, for busy fashion designers that are familiar with the basics, probably not.

Accessibility with the click of a button 

A prominent perk of online fashion designing courses is that they are readily accessible. In the old days, learning requires a physical classroom, an instructor and the student’s presence.

Conversely, e-learning allows students the option of accessing course contents at any time. In this regard, learning online is not just cost but time-efficient. All you need is a laptop, desktop or mobile device, and of course, the internet. While a flexible pace brings about greater convenience, diminished geographical constraints also result in more choices and opportunities. Students can now access different types of fashion courses online such as footwear or merchandising across multiple platforms.

Greater clarity and customised learning

Learning fashion-forward techniques and trends can be tough especially in the ever-changing fashion scene. Online courses allow students the opportunity to review parts of the course that they missed or are not clear about. Thanks to edtech, students now have the ability to rewind essential or difficult to grasp concepts. With Fashive’s fashion designing courses, students are also able to download templates used in the real world which cannot be easily found elsewhere since these are provided by industry practitioners themselves.

An important aspect to consider, the credibility of an online fashion designing course

When taking an online course, what is the objective? Skill? Qualifications? Credibility? Such are the objectives of any fashion student in the market of looking to broaden their knowledge in the fashion industry.  Undeniably these are reasonable goals since the course has to provide value. Perhaps you are looking to learn from an industry expert. Or maybe you’re looking to improve certain skill sets within fashion design. Regardless of your reason or motivation, finding the right course is the first essential step.

The CPD certification for fashion designing courses

At Fashive, we only work with the fashion industry professionals that have the capability, calibre and experience in their respective niches. All of our instructors are highly qualified with years of experience in the fashion industry. Learning from highly qualified fashion designing experts makes a difference indeed. Yet how else do we ensure that our courses are credible? How can we ensure that a course is of good quality and fulfils the student’s quest for knowledge? One way would be to validate would be to assess if the course is certified by third parties.

What is a CPD certified fashion designing course? 

Established in 1996, the CPD Certification Service is an independent accreditation centre. CPD works with academic institutes, training centres and professional organisations to accredit their training programme and they partner with some of the world’s leading organisations such as the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and political science, The Financial Times, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, UBS and more.  A fashion designing course that is accredited by the CPD ensures quality learning with the latest industry practices that can benefit both students and industry professionals.

How does the CPD assess if a fashion designing course is CPD certified?

In order to be CPD accredited, a course has to reach the required continuing professional development standards and benchmarks compatible with global CPD requirements. This involves the CPD team scrutinising the integrity and quality of the learning value provided by the course.  What does this mean? Simply put, it means that a fashion designing course that’s certified by the CPD has to fit the integrity and quality requirements as well as meet the professional development standards.

CPD Certified fashion designing courses by Fashive 

A partner of CPD, Fashive provides CPD certified courses as well. You can see the CPD wordmark on courses that are accredited by The CPD Certification Service, for example, our Fashion Design & Product Development course With a CPD certified online fashion design course, you can rest assured that the course material is of high quality and kept up to date. For practising professionals who are looking to further their skills, a CPD certified course is suitable since it has met the requirements of continuing professional development standards.  Having completed a CPD certified course also signifies to employers that you’ve acquired the necessary skills and/ or knowledge, which could help you stand out against another equally qualified candidate that doesn’t have the CPD certificate of attendance. 

A list of our online fashion designing courses, planned by industry experts, recognised by external accreditation bodies

Course Duration: 20 Hours Timeline: Flexible  Perhaps you are an aspiring fashion entrepreneur aiming to start your fashion brand. Or you could be a fashion student looking to learn practical skills to enhance your future career opportunities.    For beginners in fashion who want to learn how to draw any type of basic apparel, this course is suitable for you indeed. This course covers the exact step-by-step methodology in basic apparel drawing covering clothing such as t-shirts, polo shirts, woven shirts and jeans.    Learn about the outline for each type of garment and utilise tools to magnify your drawings and leverage blow-ups. What’s more, you’ll get to learn how to add details to your clothing such as style, seams, silhouette, trims and stitch details.  Ideal for beginners new to apparel production drawing, this basic course will guide you through the fundamentals needed to draw your very own basic apparel.
Course Duration: 20 to 24 Hours Timeline: Flexible  Looking to learn more advanced techniques in apparel production drawing instead? Try our advanced apparel production course. 100% online. This may be more suitable for fashion design practitioners, product developers, pattern makers, merchandisers and technicians who are looking to improve their skill set.    Our advanced course teaches you how to represent each type of stitch within technical apparel drawings, taking points of measurement for a garment, scaling aspect ratio, step-by-step guides in drawing tops and bottoms, adding details to your drawing and more.    In terms of technicality, this advanced course also covers the ins and outs of developing technical specifications using relevant descriptions and specifications.  Looking for an intermediate to advanced knowledge in apparel production drawing? This advanced course is certainly suitable for you.
Course Duration: 4 to 5 Hours Timeline: Flexible  For students keen on learning the basic requirements in apparel construction, this course is built for you. Seams and stitches 101 will teach students the basics of functional and aesthetical compatibility of seams. You’ll also get to understand serviceability along with ensuring that their apparels last longer based on this relationship.  Apart from understanding the machines used in the fashion industry, you’ll also learn about the different types of seam properties and issues with quality that are bound to occur, the fundamentals of seams and stitches used in the industry and the different types of classifications that define each seam and stitch. Anyone aiming to create a line of high quality and long-lasting apparels needs to understand the above fundamentals. Communication issues in production can be an issue if not done well. This is why this course will also teach you how to reduce the chances of miscommunication in the sampling and production phrases. Overall, Seam and Stitch 101 aims to deliver the essential knowledge needed to help the student understand the knowledge needed to be proficient in this category. 
Course Duration: 12 Hours Timeline: Flexible  This course aims to guide students on the fundamentals of fashion design and product development. Its curriculum covers essential basics such as the difference between fashion design and product development. The course also covers the different seasons and cycles of fashion that are fundamental to fashion. In today’s fast-paced world of fashion product development, no longer can one thrive based on skills involving only technical fashion concepts, rather real-world business considerations are also important.  This is why apart from understanding different store types and brand categories this curriculum is also designed to touch on the theories and methodologies of brand and market research.  To be proficient in the fashion scene, students get to understand and familiarise the different garment types and their details. While on a consumer level, this course also covers the different customer demographics and the skills needed to profile customers. After all, there is no point in investing time and resources to developing a fashion product if there is zero demand for it.  Suitable for fashion designers, planners, buyers, merchandisers, marketers and product developers, the fashion design & product development course looks at how a fashion retailer can remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. The forward-thinking concepts taught here aims to propel students toward being relevant for the years to come.

The future is already here, Edtech and fashion designing online courses is the way forward

The benefits of learning fashion online are numerous. Apart from being able to watch and rewatch important courses segments, students can also get industry best-practice templates used in the real world. 

An industry veteran only interested in a specific niche of fashion can also benefit from learning at their own pace by focusing on topics that they are keen on without having to go through the traditional model of obtaining a fashion cert. On the other hand, a fashion student can look at basic courses which aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals. 

Interested in our online fashion designing courses? Check out our list of courses today! Alternatively, you may also be interested in our footwear and merchandising modules. 

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