We build competencies for Fashion Makers

In today’s fashion world you need to be able to connect the dots. To create a product that people love, you need to have diverse skill set. Whatever fashion journey that you choose, you need to know certain technical skills. If you are ready to deep-dive, then this is the platform for you!

Our Story

Welcome to Fashive!

After spending 25 years in Fashion Industry, professional training and consultancy role at global level. We identified that there are Skill and Knowledge gap in the Fashion Industry. Although training is best solution to overcome skill issues but it is often restrained due to timing, cost, geography, and quality of training content availability. Hence we realized that fashion professionals needs digital learning solution to improve skill sets efficiently and through a scalable and affordable model.
A good training not only bolster productivity, efficiency, and profitability at the company level, but also improves the life of many who are bottom of the pyramid of Fashion industry such as sewing operators.

Upon doing initial research we realized that there are generic learning platform like Coursera, Udemy, and few fashion specific learning platform but they are very expensive and time bound. Hence we found window of Opportunity and FASHIVE was born.


Fashive is our dedicated E learning portal which offers 70+ courses covering various segments of the fashion industry, Our courses are self paced and highly interactive ranging from 2-20 hours

Our Learning Philosophy​

Our 4Es principles of learning are seamlessly integrated in our online learning process :


Experience Sharing

over 50 years of cumulative industry & professional training experience


Effective Deployment

ensuring quality learning content that can be applied immediately


Efficiency Building

adhering to industry standards of learning that builds functional efficacy


Ease of Use

adopting digital interactive solutions that enable easy understanding at anytime, anywhere

Bridging technical skill gaps in the fashion industry

To make available usable and applicable cross functional contents

Deploy andragogic patterns of learning for easy assimilation

A digital learning platform that offers high-quality, affordable education universally

Our Commitment

Holistic and cross-functional learning is at the core of Fashive to ensure all your fashion related learning needs are taken care of. Certification and standardization has been incorporated in the learning experience to ensure that the process to industry is seamless.
With our deep understanding of the industry from our advisors and team members, Fashive has created a platform to support you through your fashion journey.

At the end of it all. we want to enable a knowledge sharing culture for everyone who seeks for it.

Our Achievements

6 Countries and 80+ organizations use Fashive learning solution for upscaling workforce

Fashive was awarded as finalist of APAC EdTech Venture Competition out of 167 applicants!