How e-learning can Grow your Business

Develop talent & upgrade your entire workforce

Retain your best and brightest by increasing training satisfaction rates for managers and non-managers.

Bolster your expansion & profitability

Train your global workforce to the same consistent standards at scale.

Increase efficiency & productivity

Save on the man-hours needed to attend training with minimal disruption to operations.

Increase in knowledge retention rates

By giving students more control over the learning process, eLearning can increase knowledge retention rates compared to face-to-face training.

Fashive design and curate applicable personalized online learning for all levels for your Fashion Organization.

Expert - Led

Learning takes place with:

Fashion Industry Gurus & Experts that has profound insight in the fashion industry

Leading fashion technical professionals to acquire technical skills

Holistic learning environment that integrates technical and business soft skills for well rounded learning

Fully “ Tailor Made ” solutions to meet your learning journey requirements

Competency Gap Analysis Tool

A tried and tested product that allows you to better understand the needs of your organization and make value-driven decisions which ensures money being spent at the right place.

Digital Learning Solutions


Skills-Gap Analysis for all employees

Deliver the right type of training by first understanding every employee individual skill level.


Customized training plan for all skill levels

Our content is personalized to suit a variety of skill levels and needs.


Measurable Impact

Our platform provides comprehensive data analytics capabilities to track your employees progress.


24/7 technical support with a dedicated account manager

In-House Training Solution

fashion digital learning courses


SOP for in-house training management
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Train the Trainer

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Complete Course Materials for 10 courses

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Our Learning Catalogues:

Course Preview

Multi - Platform Feature

  • Mobile and Offline Compatibility
  • Offline Learning & Synchronization
  • Assessments on Mobile Compatible

Interactive Learning

  • Courses curated by industry veterns
  • Captivating Learning Experience
  • Skills that can be put to use from Day 1



Basic Online Features
  • Customized Learning Portal
  • Mobile App iOS & Android
  • Verified Certification
  • Track Progress & Feedback


Basic Online Features
  • Customized Learning Portal
  • Mobile App iOS & Android
  • Verified Certification
  • Track Progress & Feedback
  • Data Analytics
  • Learner Progress Report
  • Curated Learning Pathway

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