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About the Course

Unique and fast paced design and product development is key to survive and remain competitive for fashion retailers in today’s world. Brands asking value-added services with manufacturers to create the most relevant collection in the shortest time for them. Garment manufacturers have to develop their own product development team to meet their buyers requirements. Product development is not just about the creation of new samples – it has to meet the criteria and needs of the brand persona , therefore it is important for product developer to be familiar and understand whole process and techinical skill set envolved.

This course will give you holistic view of various aspect of product development. From understanding the customers to the creation of design, articulate the various elements of product development and how to meet these challenges in the shortest possible time while generating the right product at the right time.

What will you Learn?

  • Understand what is Fashion Design and Product Development Process
  • Learn about Fashion Season and their Characteristics
  • Fashion cycles and Categories for Product Development
  • Customer Types and Demographics
  • How to conduct and analyze Market Research and Trends
  • Type of Design boards for Collection Development
  • How to use Design boards for Collection Development
  • Type of Garments and how to comprehend details
  • Type of Embellishments and how to use them

Who is it for?

This is meant for Fashion designers, Merchandisers, Product Developers, Planners, Buyers and Marketeers.


Approx. 12 hours to complete
Suggested: 4 weeks of study, 3 hours per week

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Course Content

Chapter 1: Fashion Design vs. Product Development
CHAPTER 2: Fashion Seasons
Chapter 3: Fashion Cycle
Chapter 4: Store /Brand Category Types
Chapter 5: Brand Category
Chapter 6: Customer Demographics
Chapter 7:Market Research
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by Antonio Avera 21/05/2024

Truly a waist of $75 dollars.