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About the Course

Wish to know how to build quality into your products? Join this course to learn about the principles of quality management, statistical sampling, defects classification, product testing, safety standards, sample evaluation and report writing. The multifaceted delivery will aid you in identifying problem areas and developing solutions to assure quality in the end product.

What will you Learn?

  • History of Quality
  • Quality Concepts in Fashion Industry
  • Cost of Quality
  • Quality Management Tools
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • How to evaluate Factory
  • Fundamentals of Fabric Defects and Inspection
  • Color management in apparel industry
  • Fundamentals of Garment Defects and Inspection
  • Quality control in Fit evaluation Points of Measurement

Who is it for?

This is meant for Quality Assurance, Factory manager, Senior Management, Merchandisers, Product developers, Tech designers


20 hours

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This Course has been designed in partnership with International.

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