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About the Course

What can you do to shape others’ impressions of you or your company? Being able to manage personal branding will allow others to see the image you want them to see. Failing to do so, however, can lead to misinformation being blown out of proportion that will affect your reputation. This course will train you to use specific tools to positively impact your personal branding. By sharpening your brand in certain key elements, you will be able to exude professionalism and ensure success.

What Will You Learn?

  • Self-definition
  • Sharpening your brand
  • Self-appearance
  • Social media
  • Brand crisis management

Key Objectives

  • Define and control your image
  • Understand how to sharpen your brand
  • Master appropriate use of social media
  • Learn to manage your brand in a crisis
  • Develop professionalism

Who Is It For?

Any individual who wishes to improve self-image and impression


This course will require approximately 2-3 hours of immersive online learning.

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by Pritam Kumar 27/07/2020

Understanding and application of Personal Branding with the fundamental skills to build leadership skills in personal branding success in business are very important in today’s E-network business.