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About the Course

Have you heard about the Six Sigma model used in business? This data-driven approach has been embraced by many companies around the world to generate more profit and greater savings. This course will introduce you to how this methodology can assist you in eliminating defects and waste in any business process. By equipping you with the tools to measure the “defects” in a process, you will gain the necessary expertise to fully optimise your business processes.

What Will You Learn?

  • The Lean Process
  • Five principles of Lean Business
  • Six Sigma
  • Types of improvement concepts
  • The Improvement Toolkit

Key Objectives

  • Understand Six Sigma and its implementation in any organisation
  • Understand lean manufacturing and lean principles
  • Describe the key dimensions of quality
  • Identify the requirements of regulating a process
  • Evaluate projects and eliminate problems

Who Is It For?

Any individual wishing to try out a new business model.


This course will require approximately 2 hours of immersive online learning.


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