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About the Course

In the world of fast fashion today, managing production efficiency to achieve prompt delivery is key to success. Learn the art and science of production tracking and risk management in this course. This course will prepare you to handle multiple processes involved in life cycle of product from design concept to retail floor using production tracking tools.

What will you Learn?

• Gain an overview of the global apparel industry structure
• Understand Product life cycle from design concept to finished good
• Role and attitude of an effective Merchandiser
• Learn critical path management concept and identify critical processes
• Common lead time for various process and design time and action calendar
• Use production tracking tools to coordinate production
• Learn how to troubleshoot and recommend creative solution to ensure on time delivery

Who is it for?

This is meant for Merchandisers, Product Developers, Planners, Buyers , Tech designers and Marketeers.


20 hours

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This Course has been designed in partnership with International.

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Course Content

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Module 1-Global Textile & Apparel Industry
Module 2 - Product Development Process
Module 3 - Color Approval Process
Module 4- Garment Sample Glossary and Approval Process
Module 5-Roles of Merchandisers
Module 6 - Production Tracking Tools
Module 7- Preventive Risk Assessment
Module 8 - The Art of Follow Up


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