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About the Course

Have you ever disagreed with someone over a matter? What did you do to resolve the issue? Whenever two or more people discuss ideas, there will always be a possibility of conflict arising. Conflicts stall progress and it is crucial to resolve them as best and as quickly as possible.

This course will introduce you to a proven six-step resolution process that can be applied to conflicts of any scale. With case studies to elucidate common areas of conflict, you will develop a knack for resolving conflicts amicably and efficiently.

What Will You Learn?

  • Conflict resolution styles
  • Mutual understanding of needs
  • Examining root causes
  • Generating options
  • Building solutions

Key Objectives

  • Understand the definitions of conflict and conflict resolution
  • Adapt the six phases of the conflict resolution process for all types of conflicts
  • Extract parts of the conflict resolution process to prevent conflicts
  • Employ basic communication tools, basic anger and stress management techniques

Who Is It For?

Any individual who wishes to be the middleman to resolve conflicts


This course will require approximately 2-3 hours of immersive online learning.

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by Howard Jones 09/05/2020

The design of the course is excellent with videos and case studies. I love this course and enjoyed it a lot and I learned so many concepts.