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About the Course

When you did math as a child, how often did you think to yourself, “Why am I even learning this? What good use will these numbers be to me?” It turns out that the application of numbers extend far beyond the boring math class in school. From calculating our spending to remembering our friends’ phone numbers, numbers help us in many aspects of our daily lives.

This course will introduce you to the world of accounting and finances. By mastering the different methods of managing both personal and corporate finances, you will be adept at financial planning and budgeting to make the most out of your assets.

What Will You Learn?

  • Accounting terminology and methods
  • Balance Sheet
  • Documenting financial statements
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Auditing

Key Objectives

  • Be familiar with the various accounting terminologies and methods
  • Adopt the good practice of documenting business financials
  • Understand the balance sheet and various financial statements
  • Understand the importance of budgeting and habitualise creating budgets
  • Be familiar with internal and external auditing

Who Is It For

Any individual who wishes to be proficient in financial planning.


This course will require approximately 2-3 hours of immersive online learning.

4.5 1 Reviews


by Neil Dawson 17/09/2020

Understandable, straight forward and fun to learn