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About the Course

In the fashion industry, it is important to communicate the details of your garment accurately for error-free production or sampling. This course covers basic knowledge and skills to draw production drawings based on given garment or sketch or concept. Production drawing are widely used by industry and prove to be essential skill for a designer to draw technical design by hand should there is no access to drawing software.

What will you Learn?

  • Create drawing that effectively communicates the creation of the garment to the sample maker
  • Study details and construction the garment
  • Step by step guide to draw: T Shirt
  • Step by step guide to draw: Polo Shirt
  • Step by step guide to draw: Woven Shirt
  • Step by step guide to draw: Jeans
  • How to add style, silhouette, seams, trims and stitch details of garment
  • How to capture specific details of the garment using magnifying drawing and blow ups
  • Types of Stitches and how to represent on technical drawing

What tools you need

Before you start this course, prepare following tools for your sketching activity:

  • Download and Print base template in A 4 size pages
  • Extra A4 size white papers, 2H pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler, and 0.2mm and 0.5mm pens
  • Garment sample- T shirt, Polo Tee, Woven shirt, Jeans

Who is it for?

This is meant for Fashion designers, Product Developers, Technicians, Pattern Makers, and Merchandisers


20 hours including sketching practice

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