Fashive Certificate Program


This certificate is designed for Fashion enthusiasts who are interested to enter a career in the fashion industry, or for current practitioners who wish to upgrade their skills. This exclusive online course provides a holistic introduction to the textile and fashion industry understanding the process of design till finished goods focusing on in-depth product knowledge on fabric, design, product development, apparel production, quality control, retail merchandise buying, as well as the critical skill of the Art of Follow-Up, which helps to ensure that you will source, produce and deliver the final product in-store, on-time. Need to keep pace with new trends in digital marketing and e-commerce? This program will also provide comprehensive coverage of concepts you’ll need to kick-start your fashion business. Our interactive course will provide you with many tips, techniques, and opportunities and prepare you well to start and upgrade your fashion career.

The courses in this certificate program are required to be completed in the order that they appear.

This comprehensive course provides you with the ability to identify fabrics by their industry’s name, and the fundamental knowledge of fibers to help you understand the risks of using certain fabrics, empowering you with the ability to troubleshoot issues related to textiles limitations. A must-course for every fashion professional!

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Learn the fundamentals of garment construction and pattern making in this comprehensive course. Be exposed to the techniques employed in the fashion industry including pattern basics and how garments are constructed. With this knowledge, you can minimize impractical designs that cannot be replicated in mass production, eliminate misinterpretation in sampling and production, and improve communication in production specifications to your supplier.

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Garment or product descriptions are used in fashion industry for mainly 3 purpose- Technical, Marketing and Legal. Technical garment descriptions are the basis of all of these and they are useful to create design, pattern , production and maintaining database of styles . Content writers later convert technical descriptions into consumer friendly marketing descriptions. Legal ones are the last level of descriptions required for export /import documentation purpose. This course covers detailed description of common garments and its parts. A must know for any designers, buyers Pattern makers and fashion marketer.

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This course provides a great foundation for Apparel production and an overview of the textile and apparel industry.
Apparel manufacturing involves raw material, manpower, machines, supply chain, and a defined set of processes in bulk production.

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In the fashion industry, it is important to communicate the details of your garment accurately for error-free production or sampling. This course covers basic knowledge and skills to draw production drawings based on a given garment or sketch or concept. Production drawing is widely used by industry and proves to be an essential skill for a designer to draw the technical design by hand should there is no access to drawing software.

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This course will give you holistic view of various aspect of product development. From understanding the customers to the creation of design, articulate the various elements of product development and how to meet these challenges in the shortest possible time while generating the right product at the right time.

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Strategic sourcing enhances efficiency and value, ultimately impacting the profitability of any organization. In this essential course, you’ll learn how to develop and implement a sourcing strategy. Conducted in a multifaceted approach, you will acquire key skills such as sourcing tactics for various materials, supplier selection, vendor management, negotiation, effective communication, and comprehension of import/export regulations and agreements between countries.

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In the world of fast fashion today, managing production efficiency to achieve prompt delivery is key to success. Learn the art and science of production tracking and risk management in this course. This course will prepare you to handle multiple processes involved in the life cycle of a product from the design concept to the retail floor using production tracking tools.

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This course covers all techniques and concepts you need to know about fabric costing that are widely used in the fashion industry. It covers component affecting fabric costing, yarn prices. This fundamental knowledge will enable the Fabric supplier, buyer, merchandiser, or marketing personnel to compute costs based on requirements. Designed by Industry professional, this course will give you an extra edge to negotiate effectively with your suppliers and manufacturers.

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This course covers all techniques and concepts you need to know about garment costing that is widely used in the fashion industry. It covers components affecting garment costing, fabric consumption calculation, fabric costing, and garment costing. This fundamental knowledge will enable the buyer, designer, merchandiser, or marketing personnel to compute costs based on a given sketch or sample as well as to evaluate the viability of the design collection. Designed by Industry professional, this course will give you an extra edge to negotiate effectively with your suppliers and manufacturers.

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Wish to know how to build quality into your products? Join this course to learn about the principles of quality management, statistical sampling, defects classification, product testing, safety standards, sample evaluation, and report writing. The multifaceted delivery will aid you in identifying problem areas and developing solutions to assure quality in the end product.

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Do you aspire to become a Fashion Buyer and Merchandiser? If yes, then this is the most suitable course for you. It is one of the most growing and aspiring careers in the Fashion industry. This course covers an introduction to the concept of retail buying and relevant strategies. You will get the skills needed to maximize customer satisfaction and create lasting synergy between customer and brand.

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This advanced course covers analytical skills in merchandise planning and buying for retail. The key focus is on Consumer-Centric Buying and Relevancy to Market Merchandising Concepts. The course will enable you to forecast accurately the needs of the customers and maximize customers’ satisfaction with the appropriate merchandise. Participants will learn to mix the store’s merchandise to appeal to their customers. Even with sophisticated technology available to the retailers, the high level of purchasing decisions and tasks to be performed requires a great deal of experience and relevant knowledge. This course comes with downloadable templates for you to work on merchandising plans etc for a hands-on approach.

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Unique and fast-paced design and product development are key to survival and remaining competitive for fashion retailers in today’s world. Brands asking for value-added services with manufacturers to create the most relevant collection in the shortest time for them. Garment manufacturers have to develop their own product development team to meet their buyer’s requirements. Product development is not just about the creation of new samples – it has to meet the criteria and needs of the brand personnel, therefore it is important for product development to be familiar with and understand the whole process and technical skill set involved.

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If you had one day to complete a task, how would you ensure that you meet the deadline? Time management is an essential skill that many people find difficult to master due to constant distractions all around them. When time is managed effectively, you will find that your productivity will increase, lifting your overall mood as well. This course will hone your organizing skills to create plans on how you want to utilize your time. You will learn how to manage priorities based on urgency and importance, giving you the confidence to finish tasks without rushing to meet deadlines.

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How would you devise a novel solution to solve a problem? Have you ever run out of ideas about the next steps to take? At times when the problem becomes too large or complex, we have difficulties analyzing it to come up with good solutions. This course will train your observational skills to pick out key issues in problems and a step-by-step process to generate and implement solutions. With a proven template that works for problems of any scale, you will gain the confidence to defeat your problems effectively.

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Course Length

2 weeks

Program Duration

3 months

Class Size

Under 20 students


7-10 hours per week


100 % online


Self-paced learning with Instructor online support


This qualification is designed by


2 hours of mentoring session

Broad understanding of processes from design to finished goods

Basic comprehension of textiles fundamentals

Ability to apprehend the processes for apparel production

To gain elementary skills in production drawings

To attain a fundamental understanding of quality concepts and practice

Production tracking skills


Certificate in Advanced Apparel Merchandising

 150 Professional Development Hours (150 CEUs)




Working professionals in Fashion industry who wish to upgrade their skill set or looking for career switch or promotion

For individuals who aspires to make career in fashion merchandising, fashion buying, design related job in apparel industry or wish to start their own fashion business

"Only the people who take learning, growth and skills development into their own hands will be tomorrows leaders"