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Craft souls have met for the DIY workshop conducted by Fashive in association with Lisa Teng. Who said that online workshop can’t be fun!?

Photo by Lisa on Zoom

On Saturday 19th of September, Fashive organized the online workshop “Create Your Own Espadrilles” in association with Lisa Teng from Lisa Teng Studio. Shoe Maker & Designer, Lisa is passionate about her job! Naturally, she wants to share her knowledge with everyone who is keen to learn about the topic. No need to be a footwear professional; a craft soul, and two hands are enough to dive into the workshop!

Let me say a few words about Lisa, our Workshop’s Mentor. Lisa gained her skills and knowledge in London, through studying footwear and working for a leather artist and designer. Her company based in Singapore, Lisa Teng Studios, dedicates to the creation and design of footwear, small leather accessories and attachments, and other lifestyle products. Through the connection of design, she creates products, mixing modern and classical construction techniques. Products are under development constantly while taking on customized orders and collaborating with other makers and designers.

When subscribing to the online event, the participants received a box delivered to them with all the supplies required. Offering a preview of what would be the result! Beautiful leather, traditional espadrille sole, needles, and thread to assemble the shoe. The must of the workshop: the participants previously selected their shoe size and color preferences to create their very own & unique mule espadrilles!

Indeed, what we had learned:

Photo from me

Learn about the origins and the process of making a pair of espadrilles.

  • Understand the components and techniques.
  • Learn the technique of constructing the footwear during the session.

On Saturday morning, 11 AM, let’s get started! First of all, Lisa introduced the 5 participants to a short history of the espadrille and traditional sole making.

Espadrilles are a type of footwear where the upper is primarily made of canvas, with soles of varying heights decorated with rope. The sandals were first made over 600 years ago in Catalonia, from the Catalan word: espardenya. But the name itself is French.

During the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), Republican soldiers were supplied with several pairs of espadrilles because they were cost-effective and easy to maintain. Besides, the insulating properties of the grass soles protected the feet from the humidity and heat.

Then, Fashion Designers used traditional espadrille to create contemporary versions. Today, the espadrille we know is declined in many ways. Besides, pay attention to the sole and see if it is traditionally made or not!


Photos by Maynar and Saïda

After this insightful introduction, Lisa conducted the demonstration to cut and stitch the leather upper part onto the soles. In a friendly and studious atmosphere, we followed each step. The stitching was the most challenging part! We pinned the upper onto the sole. Then we have sewn, according to the traditional technique.

After 50 minutes of sewing, here the result!


Photos by Saïda

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