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What does a Fashion Designer do?


What a Fashion Designer Does:

 A fashion designer’s job is to create new clothing and/or accessory styles with the challenge of incorporating current in-demand market trends and at the same time creating a product that is different from what customers may already have. Once their creations have been finalized, the designer’s samples are sold to retailers, and produced in volume to be sold to the consumer.

 A fashion designer’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Research of current and developing trends
  • Following published industry fashion forecasts
  • Traveling to observe and photograph trends around the world
  • Attending fashion shows and other industry events
  • Sketching ideas, either by hand or on the computer
  • Choosing materials and trims
  • Pattern cutting
  • Sewing
  • Following budget guidelines
  • Mannequin and model fittings
  • Directing fashion stylists and photographers
  • Creating or following briefs describing guidelines for projects
  • Collaborating closely with sales, buying and production teams
  • Negotiating with buyers and suppliers
  • Supervising production

The skills and training needed to become a fashion designer are an associate’s (2 years) or a bachelor’s (4 years) degree in fashion design. Coursework typically includes:

  • Color study
  • Textiles
  • Sewing
  • Tailoring
  • Pattern making
  • Art and fashion history
  • Computer-aided design (CAD
  • Practicing creating a variety of fashion pieces.

Schools that offer media design and fine arts also usually feature programs in fashion design. Some top institutions for fashion design are:

The schools listed above are located in cosmopolitan areas which are fashion hubs, the places where the trends develop. Fashion houses are typically located in or near these hubs, so demand is high for fashion designers.

Examples of entry level jobs are:

  • Intern
  • Apprentice
  • Assistant

As is true of many creative careers, there is a fair amount of competition for jobs, and a recent graduate would be very fortunate to be offered an employment opportunity at a fashion house. Entry level jobs can pay about $25,000 per year, and a fashion designer with up to ten years of experience can expect to make an annual salary of approximately $60,000.

Fashion designers are also equipped to explore opportunities in other areas, such as being a stylist for photoshoots, films, or celebrities. In general, fashion design can be a very fulfilling career. What could be better than being compensated for traveling the world and expressing your creative ideas?


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