Selecting the Right Factory

Listen below to Rupa Ganguli talking about how she chooses the right factories and what are some of the factors she considers when making these decisions.

So we have initial selections. So we will first look at which are the kind of factories who fit with our mindset who fit with the kind of work we’re looking at, who have the possibility of kind of working towards what we’re looking for quality standards are critical. Compliance is quite critical. I would say. If we walk into a factory and we just see that it’s completely on compliance, we just non compliant, we can’t, we can’t really go ahead unless they’re in a position to change that completely. We do have specific standards at for various different types of markets that we need to need to enter. And even if a factory doesn’t necessarily have a particular certification, but are keen to work towards it or grow towards it, and they have the ability to do that, or interested in the investment that has to be made. We willing to consider that depending on the type of factory it is.

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