Garment Details and Descriptions


About the Course

Garment or product descriptions are used in fashion industry for mainly 3 purpose- Technical, Marketing and Legal. Technical garment descriptions are the basis of all of these and they are useful to create design, pattern , production and maintaining database of styles . Content writers later convert technical descriptions into consumer friendly marketing descriptions. Legal ones are the last level of descriptions required for export /import documentation purpose. This course covers detailed description of common garments and its parts. A must know for any designers, buyers Pattern makers and fashion marketer

What will you Learn?

    • Types of garments
    • What are garment descriptions
    • Detailed anatomy of below garment types
      • Top
      • Shirt
      • Jackets
      • Pants
      • Skirt
      • Dress
      • Shorts
    • Study specific parts and details of garment
      • Neckline
      • Collars
      • Sleeves
      • Cuffs
      • Lapels
      • Plackets
      • Pockets

Who is it for?

This is meant for Designers, Fashion buyers, Merchandisers, Product Developers, Planners, Sourcing specialist, Fashion marketers and Brand owner.


3-4 hours

Course Partner

This course has been designed in partnership with TaF.tc International.

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