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Once again, Fashive is excited to announce our partnership with students in with Industry Safety Assessment and Training (ISAT), Timor Leste.

The course was held in Comoro, Dili, Timor Leste, from 10 to 26 February 2020. During the comprehensive two week course, participants learnt how to draft, cut and sew flip flops. Mr Da Silva, Timor Leste’s Secretary of State of Vocational Training and Employment, visited the students during the course and gave an encouraging speech.

On the first day, our trainer introduced some theoretical knowledge about flip flops and sandals to the learners. She also shared various construction methods and materials used in the creation of flip flops. The day ended with participants sketching simple designs as a primer to the intensive following days. Over the duration of the course, participants learnt the end-to-end process of constructing flip flops. They began with sketching, followed by pattern-making, and spent the remainder of the course seeing their own constructed footwear come to life.

Throughout the course, participants enjoyed a balanced mix of lectures and hands-on activities to further enhance their learning. Fashive is proud to provide the enthusiastic students with our blended learning approach, and will continue to support their learning journeys with our digital learning resources.

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