Fashive is a comprehensive Digital Learning Solution based in Singapore designed by Industry Experts for the Fashion Industry. We have designed an experience to provide learning opportunities and to elevate skill set of our fashion learners and professionals. We offer technical fashion courses like Merchandising, Footwear, Fashion Essentials and also relevant professional soft skills courses .

At the end, we want to ensure education in every corner of the globe.

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that can help you in your Fashion Learning Journey. If you still have other questions – please contact us on help@fashive.org

Fashive courses covers various area of fashion supply chain such as Merchandising skills, Design, Quality, Technical skills, Footwear Design, Production, Soft Skills. Our courses are primarily targeted for people interested in hands on fashion courses. Fashive is continuously working to curate more relevant courses for you

Our courses are designed by industry professionals based on years of experience. Our interactive content  includes  slides, videos, activities, tests,assignments and exercises to give you a well-rounded learning experience.
In some courses, you would also have the option of listening – similar to audiobooks!

Our courses are on-demand and self-paced. There are no deadlines on when you have to complete them.

To make this the best and most immersive learning – you can access the content both on the web and on your mobile devices. You can also pre-download the content on your phone beforehand so you don’t use up too much of your data.

No, you do not have to pay to sign up but if you want to purchase any of our courses you need to pay before accessing our courses.

To reset the password, you would have to go to https://fashive.org/password-reset/ 

Yes – most of our courses have preview that you can see. Those which currently do not – we are working on making then as I type.

Yes, you can link your certificate to your LinkedIn. When you have completed your course, you will automatically be shown your very own certificate on the course page itself. Please leverage this link: Add Certificate to LinkedIn profile – Fashive to add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

You can simply enroll the course and pay under our secure payment gateway, you will get email and login by email to start your learning journey on our learning management system.

Unsure about your fashion career? Take our career matcher quiz ! Check suitable career option based on your personality types. You can access the quiz from the Main Menu bar.

You can do so by filling in the form here – https://fashive.org/appeal-form/

You can leverage our Fashive bot (present on the bottom-right corner).  to chat with us on WhatsApp. You can also directly email us your query at help@fashive.org