Top 9 Technology Trends Sweeping The Fashion Industry

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Fashion industry trends constantly change. In terms of fashion trends 2021, technology plays a huge role. Whenever you see titles such as “fashion trends 2021,” you’ll find a bevy of things. It makes fields such as fashion industry trends have to be updated thanks to evolution. Here are some of the top technology trends when it comes to fashion.

Use Data To Your Advantage

Data analysis is a great tool to use for real-time feedback. Companies will be able to find out if their items are defective quickly. This means that businesses can avoid delays as well as save money.

Commerce Mobile Style

Technology has been moving in the direction of mobile for a few years now and the fashion industry is no exception. Mobile commerce is booming with a whopping $284 billion in sales expected in 2021. Social media is very much in the mix when it comes to e-commerce. Instagram has rolled out a feature to shop. Facebook is also making a dent in the world of e-commerce, and fashion items make up for a big chunk of the sales made on these platforms.

Ease & Efficiency Of 3D Printing

As mentioned, the fashion industry keeps evolving. We’re seeing fashion companies start to utilize 3D Printing now more than ever. There isn’t much labor required in the 3D printing process. Add the fact that it’s cheaper to use and the fashion industry has itself a winner with 3D printing.


Virtual reality has been gaining steam but it isn’t solely making its mark in the gaming industry. Online shoppers aren’t merely satisfied with a short description and some images of the products. A VR experience is now being implemented to increase sales.

Built To Last

The fashion industry has been moving in the direction of timeless pieces in collections. This strays away from the traditional seasonal approach.


Artificial intelligence is being used throughout physical stores in the fashion industry. This ranges from touch screens to chat boxes.


IoT is pivotal for data sharing as well as security and productivity. Inventory management is also a big part of IoT.

Novel Fabrics

As more people focus on the health of the environment and the safety of animals, lab-grown novel fabrics are making waves.


Blockchain is great for keeping track of records such as clothing inventory.