The Biggest Beauty Trends of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2022

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Beaty trends in Paris

While it’s a bit too early to try the newest fashion trends from Paris fashion week for spring 2022, you can start now incorporating a few of these beauty trends 2022 to liven up your fall and winter look. There were many stunning looks on the runway this season, among them bright colors, highlights of shimmer, and unusual accents. Try on a few of these beauty trends and get a head start!

Shimmering Eye Shadow

Layers of shimmering eye shadow made frequent appearances on the runway during Paris fashion week. Bright color accents such a yellow and violet were seen, as well as earth tones and metallic tones reminiscent of the ’90s. These glittery eyeshadows are sure to highlight your eyes and freshen up your look.

Punk Inspired Eyeliner

Slashes of brightly colored and dark eyeliner were throwbacks to the 80’s punk style. As with the glittery eye shadow, it can’t help to draw attention to the eyes. A pro recommends ensuring that the edges and perfectly straight and not curved at all. The intended look is a knife-edge, not a cat-eye.

Shiny Lips

Lips also took center stage at Paris fashion week. Whether they were covered in sequins or layered with lip gloss, lips were bright and shiny. While you might find it a bit difficult to wear sequins on your lips, certainly an investment in lip gloss will go a long way this season.

Wet-look Hair

Wet-look hair was frequently seen during Paris fashion week for spring 2022. Hair could range from completely soaked to slightly damp. One designer even used raindrop prosthetics! You can achieve this look at home with the proper sculpting product that contains a shiny element.

Bright Color

Once again, fun and unusual hair color abounded on the runway, frequently matching outfits. This look could be impractical for everyday wear, but it is clear the bright and fun hair color trend is here to stay.

Avent Garde Accents

Finally, many unusual accents were seen during Paris fashion week. Among them, long gold nail extensions and extra-long wing-like eyelashes, and bold jewelry. You can achieve this look yourself by choosing a few pieces of bold statement jewelry. Have fun accessorizing!

The beauty trends 2022 seen during Paris fashion week 2022 can be worked into your look now to add some excitement for fall and winter. You may need to only pick one or two of these beauty trends to get a head start on your spring look.