How to Become a Fashion Designer

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If fashion design is your calling, but you’re unsure of how to go about becoming a designer, then it’s time to hear the good news! While the fashion industry can seem mysterious and daunting to newcomers, it’s actually not hard to get started on a career as a fashion design, if you’ve got the passion for design, that is. Follow these tips for becoming a fashion designer to begin your journey today.

1. Absorb Fashion Design Content

If you’re looking for fashion designer tips, there’s a good chance you’ve already been studying fashion and absorbing design content, but it never hurts to learn more. Try starting with each decade in the past 100 years and seeing if you can describe to a friend what the predominant fashion was for that era. Study more about the eras you lack knowledge in, then begin digging into current trends and knowledge.

2. Develop Your Style as a Designer

After studying and comparing contemporary and vintage fashion designs, you’ll probably naturally start developing your own style, including likes and dislikes, and uniquely favored design aspects to incorporate into your own work. Define your style in a way that’s unique, and put together a visual representation of it to show potential employers. This can be done using a printed portfolio, digital slide or website, or even a video series on your favorite styles.

3.Take Courses and Get Certified in Fashion Design

There’s no better way to get fashion designer tips than signing up for a fashion design course. Some organizations, like Fashive.org, even offer online courses for those looking to break into the field without having to move cities.

4. Apply for a Designing Position

Multinational and local fashion companies alike are known to continuously seek new and exciting designs to freshen and maintain their product lines. Once you have an idea of your style and have learned from the pros by immersing yourself in the world of fashion design, you can start looking for positions in the industry. If you’re having trouble getting started, consider applying for a quality assurance position, internship, merchandiser, or similar role to get your foot in the door at your favorite brand.

Educating yourself by absorbing fashion trends and content, and taking some interesting fashion courses will help you become a designer in your favorite fashion niche, whether it’s hats, shoes, casual or formal wear, accessories, or another creative part of the industry. You can get started today by taking the first steps in learning the various trends and styles on the market and the trends from decades past that lead us to where we are today in fashion.