Fashion Jobs That Are in Demand Now

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The fashion industry is a fun, exciting and generally fast-paced work environment that many people find intriguing. While the pandemic has caused many people to lose their jobs in many industries and the job outlook to decline in various career paths, there are still plenty of careers in the fashion industry. People will always need clothes, and the industry will always be around. These are fashion jobs that are currently in demand.

CGI Artists

Computer-generated imagery is getting increasingly more popular in the industry. The pandemic caused many companies to cancel in-person runway shows, photoshoots, or events, so some brands decided to use CGI as an alternative. Anyone who is highly computer savvy and still has a creative mindset would most likely enjoy working as a CGI artist. 3D rendering is likely to stay popular in the industry even after the pandemic is over, so the job outlook for this profession is looking good.

Data Editors

Anyone who loves clothing and has a mindset for crunching numbers should consider working as a data editor. In this career path, data editors help make decisions for the company. These issues can include what to do with inventory and whether to spend more on the company’s website based on data. As companies receive more data to analyze, they will need data editors to help them with company decisions. However, this career requires excellent reading skills as well, as data editors will have to read information from different outlets such as social media and magazines.

Customer Service

Online shopping was already becoming increasingly popular before the pandemic. Once stores closed down, all shopping was online for a while. Although some stores have re-opened will continue to re-open in the future, online shopping will still be popular. For this reason, clothing brands will need more people working in customer service, as shoppers will be calling and reaching out to them for their online shopping needs and questions instead of asking an in-person sales associate for help at a retail store. Anyone who wants to work in customer service will need excellent people skills, as their primary responsibility will be helping others and making sure that they have pleasant shopping experiences. A calm personality is also crucial for this career, as customers sometimes get angry and frustrated.

These three fashion jobs are currently in demand, so anyone aspiring to work in the industry should consider applying for these jobs.