Face Mask 2021 Trends

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Face mask trends began in 2020 but were enhanced in 2021. With many cities requiring mask wearing, people are looking for fashionable face masks that will compliment an outfit without compromising safety. Some companies are going so far as to sell coordinating masks along with dresses or tops. In this article, we will review face mask fashion that is on point for 2021 and discuss your options.

Chic options

There are lots of chic options available on the market. One popular offering is embellished face masks. Add some sparkle to your outfit with rhinestones or sequins on your face mask. You can also choose a chic disposable mask if you know you will need to throw your mask away after one use.

Disposable options

Black masks: If rhinestones or gems are not your idea of desirable face mask fashion, consider choosing an all-black mask that is disposable. This selection will allow your mask to go with your outfit without drawing extra attention to it.

7 green face masks: This set of seven masks means that you have enough masks for a full week. The green color is neutral as well.

Mask chains

When you hear mask chains, you may think of your grandma or a librarian. However, face mask fashion now includes mask chains. They allow you to easily clip your mask onto your chain and keep up with your mask without it being touched frequently and placed into a purse or bag repeatedly. Mask chains can be plain or they can be bedazzled like the chic mask options mentioned above.

Fitness fabrics

If you want to work out but still need to wear a mask, consider one of the fitness fabrics masks. These athletic masks are cute and functional. They are workout ready, look adorable, and help keep you safe.

Face mask trends in 2021 show a change towards more vibrant, fun masks, as opposed to strictly clinical masks. There are reusable options as well as disposable masks. Face mask 2021 allows for your personality to shine. Regardless of whether you prefer a bold statement like gems or sequins on your mask or a neutral solid color, you can find a mask to meet your desires. If you plan to work out in your mask, choose a fitness fabric that will allow you to work out safely.