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What is Fashive?

Fashive Online courses can help your students learn new skills, prepare for exams, or enhance personal development skills. Studying online can save you the time and hassle of having to travel to a classroom and offer you the flexibility to learn anytime day or night. Whether your students are looking to learn a new course in addition to their curriculum, get into college to do further studies in their stream of interest, or advance their careers there is an in-built online course for every segment.

Fashive provides their strategic partners with all the ready built curriculum and learning management tools to kickstart eLearning right away with 

  • ⬢  Blended learning solutions
  • ⬢  Digital transformation
  • ⬢  Career mapping and skills profiling for students
  • ⬢  Customized learning
  • ⬢  Helps you in Cost saving by investing in overhead charges
  • ⬢  Quality and standardised curriculum.

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