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7 Must-Know Fashion Trends That Will Shape 2022

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If you’re wondering what fashion trends 2022 will have to offer, then you’re in luck. Certain styles are already showing up on the runways around the world, and it’s not too soon to shop for the best fashions for the coming year.

Colorful Suiting

Suiting seems to have a new vibe every season, and fun colors are trending for next year. Current cuts are a little slimmer than in the past without as much oversizing.

Check out:

  • Mango Double-Breasted Suit Blazer
  • Mango Satin Suit Pants
  • Zara Flowy Straight Cut Blazer
  • Zara Flowy Pants


Daily Athleisure

Do you already have a lot of athleisure in your wardrobe? Fret not, because you can keep using it for the time being. High fashion can be truly cool.

If you need more pieces:

  • Madewell Faded Denim Baseball Cap
  • Mango Sporty Crop Top
  • Sporty & Rich 80s Fitness Cotton Jersey Bike Shorts


Enhanced Comfort

The world might be an uncomfortable place right now, but you don’t have to be in the clothes you wear. Everything from relaxed linen suiting to knit matching sets let you make comfort chic.

Feel great with:

  • H&M Ribbed Crop Top
  • H&M Ribbed Pants
  • Mango Button Knit Dress
  • Mango Crop Knit Trousers


Exposed Midriffs

Silhouettes that bare more than usual are already a thing, but they’ll be back in the new year. From draped pieces offering just hints to super cropped tops feeding the eyes, you’ll be on-trend rocking these pieces.

Show off with these:

  • Lioness Hideaway Crop Shirt
  • Mango Bow Crop Top
  • Year of Ours Ribbed Cropped Cardi



Knits are a primary micro-trend in many markets already, so they’re expected to gain a lot of traction in the coming year. Knits of many different varieties are available in a festive range spanning a rainbow of shades.

Specific items to look for include:

  • Golden Goose Adeline Sweater
  • Maeve Rainbow Space-Dyed Sweater Set
  • Zara Crochet Knit Top


Party Attire Returns

Parties are happening once again, and people need the right things to wear to them.

Get ready to rock with:

  • Area Strapless Dress
  • Caroline Constas Malta Gown
  • Gauge81 Beja Dress


Statement Outerwear

The clothes you wear indoors and out aren’t your only chance to make a fashion statement. Outerwear comes with many options for a unique look.

Not sure what to buy?

  • H&M Oversized Trenchcoat
  • Isabel Marant Itao Jacket
  • Oof 9022 Fringe Jacket


In Conclusion

The year 2022 will be a new one, but the styles and fashions present are already making themselves obvious. Use these seven trends to have your wardrobe ready to go.