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7 Essential Skills Needed to Become a Fashion Designer

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Many people dream of becoming fashion designers – probably because of the celebrity nature that comes with it. Some get into it purely because of fame while others because of passion.

However, to cut out a name from this glamorous industry requires dedication and the desire to learn about the trade every day.

Here are some seven essential skills one need to become a fashion designer:

Ability to draw

This is one of the most important skills you will need to succeed in the clothing industry. You will be required to demonstrate your ideas by putting them on paper.

But all is not lost if you are not an artist. Technology has brought about tools like Adobe illustrator that can help you to make create digital images.

Visualizing skills

As a fashion designer, you should be able to look at the material of the fabric and create a visual picture of how the final product will look like. You have to look past the material before you and focus on what exactly is supposed to come out of it.

Communication skills

To be able to brainstorm and share ideas with other experts, customers, and even your staff, you will require to learn how to communicate effectively. Without this skill, you won’t be able to give clear instruction or understand how to address clients.

Attention to detail

A good designer doesn’t just bring ideas to life. They also must be people who pay attention to details. To be able to create custom designs, every stitch, every piece of thread, or pleat must be positioned correctly.

Leadership skills

If you have a dream of opening your own boutique or fashion house one day, then you will require great leadership skills to handle your business partners, customers, and employees. This is because they will always be looking up to you for advice and inspiration.

Team skills

It doesn’t matter whether you have been in the industry for many years or just getting started, you will need to learn good teamwork skills. Other than working with your colleagues or employees, you also need to understand your customers and work with them according to their demands.

Fabric awareness

There are different types of fabric available. A good designer needs to know how each of the fabrics wears, how it moves and how they blend with each other.

For example, if you design wedding garments, you will need to avoid using silk because of creases.