5 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer

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Fashion designing is a gratifying career for creative individuals with an innovative spirit and powerful imagination. Besides being creative, individuals also have to undergo formal education to learn more about fashion creation and acquire necessary design skills. The following are five ways to become a fashion designer.

Pursue a Fashion Design Degree and Additional Courses

Prospective fashion designers need a bachelor’s or associate degree in fashion design to acquire knowledge and skills. To prepare for a job, students can also earn fashion merchandising degrees that constitute consumer behavior, merchandising, retail management, sales promotion, and product development. Professionals can also pursue additional courses in online platforms like Fashive. Fashive is an e-learning platform offering fashion courses for professionals. The platform provides more than 70 courses in fashion merchandise, retail, quality, design soft skill, and more.

Horn Skills with Real-Life Experience

To acquire skills necessary for a fashion designer to design a finished product from an idea, students have to hone their skills in real life. Practical learning can be attained by working as an intern in a clothing company, design firm or freelance stylist. Moreover, hopeful fashion designers can sharpen their experience by volunteering for a fashion institution.

Understand the Business of Fashion

Besides creativity, business trickery is required to establish and run a fashion design company. That said, students, especially those who want to become fashion entrepreneurs, should learn about the business side of fashion, which involves finance, marketing, and sales.

Create a Portfolio

Fashion designers have to put together a portfolio showcasing their creativity and skills to display their talent and attract potential clients and employers. Students can use the work they have completed during their degree to create a portfolio, implying that every assignment should be taken seriously and treated with utmost priority. Fashion designers can use portfolios to demonstrate various skills like sketching, skewing, and creating patterns.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

Fashion design is a dynamic industry that keeps on changing. Therefore, designers must stay up to date with trends in the industry, which can be achieved by reading industry journals and magazines regularly.

Fashion design is a lucrative profession for creative individuals who can make their way to the fashion domain by following these five tips. You can also check Fashive for fashion design courses or inquiries about fashion designing.