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5 Post-Coronavirus Fashion Trends to Have on Your Radar

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Much like the Roaring Twenties followed the Great Depression, it’s clear that post-Covid fashion trends are emerging from the endless cycles of t-shirts and work-from-home sweatpants. People are throwing away their grubby lockdown outfits in favor of bold, bright and bodacious looks as they celebrate re-openings worldwide. Here are just a few of the biggest fashion trends of 2021!

Sexy Styling

You’d think that people would be keen to hide the extra pounds that they put on during quarantine, but instead, they’re opting for sexy and revealing clothing. Sales of thongs, crop tops and bodycon dresses are on the rise. Say goodbye to loungewear and hello to glamorous clubbing outfits!

Bright Colors

One of the most noticeable post-COVID fashion trends is an explosion of color. From psychedelic retro prints to kitschy-cute outfits accessorized by splashy purses and costume jewelry, people are definitely embracing the rainbow. This will probably continue until folks have gotten lockdown fatigue out of their system. Until then, wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the eye-popping prints.

Athletic Gear

This one probably speaks to people’s desires to get out and get active again. Women are buying things like pleated tennis skirts; men are buying board shorts and polo sets. It’s a very preppy look, but as with anything else, it can be customized according to your unique style. Never be afraid to put your own spin on post-Coronavirus fashion trends.

Bathing Suits and Beachwear

An analysis of consumer trends has revealed that people are buying swimwear in larger numbers than ever. This is probably because lockdowns are ending, allowing people to flock to the pools, beaches and resorts that they’ve been denied for so long. Expect swimwear to remain a hot ticket item in fashion trends 2021.


Last but not least, “softcore” has become a trendy aesthetic among the fashion-minded, especially young folks on social media. It combines comfortable fabrics with cutting-edge styles that draw inspiration from everything from streetwear to vintage pin-up looks. For example, it might recreate a sexy crop top ensemble in fleece or cotton rather than leather and polyester. It just goes to show that people aren’t entirely ready to get rid of their sweatpants!


These are just a few post-Coronavirus fashion trends that are emerging in the newly vaccinated world. As with anything in fashion, however, they’re subject to change at any moment, so stay tuned for updates!