5 Looks for the New Year’s Celebrations and Christmas 2022

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Festive seasons are around the corner and getting ready in terms of fashion sense is vital. This article provides five inspirational looks for the new year’s celebration and Christmas 2022 that will help you stand out without trying too hard.

Plaid and velar combo

The red and green plaid design is a traditional pattern for festive seasons. Pairing this with nude or block colors such as black, white, and dark green will see you elevate your look. You can also pair a plaid jacket with an LBD and white canvas to give you that relaxed yet classy look.

Metallic designs

Metallic designs are all about sparkle and bling. It brings out your personality by allowing you to tone it down or go all out. Metallic colors like silver or gold can be laid back with black overcoats or elevated with brown or white wool coats to make you stand out. You can also pair this look with accessories such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Sequin suits

Nothing beats Christmas fashion trends like the use of sparkles. You can use the type of event, time of day, or set up to choose the kind of sequin suit to adore. If you are going for a daytime event choosing a sparkly dress with a dark undertone will see you stand out without attracting too much attention. However, if you are going to dinner, opting for bright, sparkling suits is ideal as the light will see you enjoy your outfit without being shouty.

Cardigan and jeans

This new year’s fashion trend has been in existence for a long time. Opting for a red, green, or white cardigan and pairing it with a pair of comfortable jeans is an excellent way to finish the look. You can tuck in your cardigan and match the outfit with heels for an elevated look or wear sports shoes for a chilled evening out with family.

Tired or midi dress

For a Christmas dinner or brunch in a formal set up opt for a colorful midi dress. Tiered outfits are easy to assemble and can be worn with heels, boots, or sandals.


Christmas fashion trends and designs are an ideal opportunity to dress up and expand your wardrobe. You can also use this time to showcase your individualistic style by matching your outfits to mirror your taste.