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5 Best Jobs for Fashion Lovers

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Movies, television shows, and magazines make the fashion industry seem glamorous, fast-paced, and exciting. It can be, but some of the careers in it are more exciting than others. Keep reading to learn more about five of the best jobs in the fashion industry.

Clothing Designer

Clothing designers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the industry and for good reasons. They are the driving force behind successful collections and must work long hours to supervise projects from beginning to end. All of their hard work is worth it when they see their creations brought to life on the runway. Successful clothing designers are creative, artistic, and innovative.

Retail Buyer

Buyers are responsible for knowing what their customers will want, finding those items, and purchasing the stock their employers will need to keep up with demand. This makes retail buying the perfect career for someone who wants all of the fun of shopping without having to worry about spending their own money. Retail buyers will benefit from having strong marketing, business, and interpersonal skills.

Fashion Journalist

Creative individuals who love to write can excel in this career, whether they work for a magazine or run their own blog. Some employers will even cover the costs for their writers to buy clothes to write about or for them to attend the launches of new collections. Earning a degree in journalism or writing can give an applicant an edge in this career field.


This career is a dream job for anyone who wants to help people build their self-confidence by improving their wardrobe. Stylists can work at department stores, as freelancers, or even with celebrities. Successful stylists are outgoing and friendly with an eye for detail. They also understand the importance of listening to their clients and working with them to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Boutique Owner

Owning a boutique is one of the best jobs in the industry because these professionals have the final say over all aspects of their job. Boutique owners can choose what they sell, how they display it, how much to sell it for, and when their stores will be open. They can choose to cater to an exclusive crowd with luxurious items or appeal to a larger group by selling something popular, like vintage clothing. Aspiring boutique owners may find a business degree helpful.