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The lean journey is similar to a marathon without a finish line. It’s “change the mind” rather than “change the line”. With
today’s rising costs and competitive market in Industry 4.0 era, this course will introduce you to the world of lean and how it can help to change the way you think and do things. This course provides an introduction to lean and gives you the foundation to develop future
projects implementing lean in your workplace. When concepts are implemented as strategies, participants can be assured of
higher productivity at work, reduction in the cost of the operations, and an increase in profit margins. There will be a simulation
of a production line to identify and eliminate wastes streamlining processes to improve productivity. This course is targeted for Textile and Garment Industry

Objectives –
• How lean is relevant in Industry 4.0
• Build lean mindset, Thinking towards QCD
• Identify the current state of most apparel organizations
• Manage operations via Pull vs. Push and Just In Time vs. Just In Case
• Remove roadblocks to create continuous workflow
• Categorize value add activities
• Identify and eliminate all forms of wastes (3M)
• Industry best practices for Lean concepts
• TIM WOOD – Identify waste and waste elimination process


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