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The COVID-19 pandemic had heavily affected the apparel industry. The crisis resulted in significant losses and order cancellation and caused widespread job cuts. However companies who were digitally adaptive were less affected then others, They benefitted in terms of costs, product development speed, and time to market. Fashion industry is in the age of digital transformation as more digital innovation and solution are becoming available to fashion companies . Post pandemic, It has become even more significant for apparel manufacturers to adopt digital transformation due to changes in consumer demand, market behavior and availability of technology at low cost. Its key to sustain and competitive in the market.Digital transformation is application of digital capabilities to processes, products, and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new monetization opportunities. Every fashion company today aspires to become more agile to produce the right products faster, to delight customers with on-trend designs, and to produce compelling products
that build brand loyalty.This course has specially designed to help you embark on your digitalisation journey, it provides overview of available solutions and how it can help your organisation. It mainly divided into 3 important component of the supply chain Pre production, Production and Post production This is a very interactive course with many case studies, live sessions and interactions , each participants will receive solution list directory for their easy reference.Total training hours:  48 hours – to be split as per convenienceMode of delivery: online/offline as perWho can attend the training?– Designers, Merchandisers, Product developers, buyers, People are involved in procurement and technical details- Factory managers, owners, CEO, Quality in charge etcCourse coverageTopic 1Preproduction (24 hours)

This section covers the introduction of Industry 4.0 and different types of digitisations solution available for companies at preproduction stage such as design and product sketches, technical specifications, sourcing, virtual prototyping , Fitting and product life cycle management software  etc.

1 Introduction to Industry 4.0
2 Physical System – Elevate to Industry 4.0- such as process /machine automation
3 Digital System – Elevate to Industry 4.0
4 Building blocks for Industry 4.0
5 Digital Sourcing – closer to the supply chain using digital sourcing platform , Introduction of the available platform and services
6 Design Tools
7 Virtual prototyping and design software  such as CLO3D, V stitcher
8 Virtual design software
9 Digital Tech Pack creation tools
10 Case study of successful implementation/Best practices from Industry

Topic 2Production (SMART factory concept) 24 hours

This section covers Concept of smart factory where  physical production processes and operations are combined with digital technology, smart computing, and big data to create a more efficient system  for real -time production and quality data capturing and processing of data toward controlling the processes.

Smart Factory  Introduction
1  Smart Factory Introduction
Smart Warehouse ( Raw material / FG)
3 Warehouse Management System
4 Automated Picking tool
5 Automated Guided Vehicle
6 Automated Inventory Control Platforms
7 IOT Implementation
Smart Sample Room
8 Introduction to  Measurement to Pattern
9 Digital Pattern Making
10 3D Simulation of Pattern – Optitex / Clo
Smart Cutting Room
11 Automatic Spreading Machine
12 Automatic Cutting Machine
13 Camera based cutting solution
14 Single layer laser Cutting machine
15 Automatic Fusing Machine
Smart Sewing Room
16 Introduction to Template based sewing
17 Establishing Smart Preparatory Section
18 Different types of Automatic Sewing Systems
19 Application of template based sewing product lines
20 Robotic based sewing process
21 Fully automated sewing product lines
Smart Finishing Room
22 Introduction to automatic finishing line
23 Automatic Finishing process
24 Automatic folding / Packing line
Smart Wet Processing
25 Sustainable Washing
26 Tunnel washing machine
27 Automatic Wrinkle free process
Smart Embroidery & Printing
28 Industry 4.0 applications in Embroidery
29 Industry 4.0 applications in Printing
30 Automated Loading & Unloading Mechanism
Smart QC System
31 Introduction to camera based inspection system
32 Smart inspection Applications
Smart Material Handling System
33 The hanger system
34 Automated Guided Vehicle
35 Conveyor System with RFID based tracking System
Smart Information System
36 Smart Tools for Order Management
37 Smart Tools for deriving Standard Time
38 Smart Order Tracking
39 QR code based tracking system
40 RFID based Tracking System
Building Smart Factory
41 Value Stream Mapping
42 Automating Physical process
43 Automating Digital process
44 Team to build Smart Factory

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